Chiropractic medicine is a hands on approach to health care.  Research has shown that Chiropractic care is effective treatment for:

Back Pain    Neck Pain    Headaches    Disc Injuries    Arthritis     Whiplash Injuries     Numbness      Sciatica and Leg Pain     Shoulder,  Arm and Hand Pain     Hip,  Knee,  Ankle and Foot Pain

Care starts with a detailed history and physical assessment followed by an accurate diagnosis of your condition.  Next a comprehensive treatment/management plan is provided to meet your goals and needs. Patients are involved in the treatment plan to help choose from a large variety of therapeutic techniques to optimize results.

 A treatment usually involves “hands on” therapies to the spine, muscles, ligaments and joints of the body. Care will focus on and address the source of your problems.  Chiropractors are trained to recommend therapeutic exercise, nutritional and dietary advice, footwear/orthotics, and utilize a wide variety of soft tissue techniques.




                     Adult:          Initial Visit                $80

                                         Subsequent Visit        $55


     Child (13 and under):  Initial Visit                 $45

                                         Subsequent Visit         $25